2 Men 2 Berth

Here we are again, teamed up with one half of (HERE WE TOW). Unlike last time where we view some eight foot wide caravans. (Click here to see that). This time as the title suggests we are taking a look at some two berth caravans.

Now in my opinion the humble two berth caravan is overlooked, lots of people go with a four berth caravan that offers the luxury of a fixed bed. The classic two berth is missing out on a lot of the action. Some great points are that they are normally smaller and so easier to store on a driveway, they are generally lighter and so can be towed by a wider selection of cars, and for some reason they offer so much space inside, inch for inch the pack more room than a normal six berth.

Below you will find links to all the caravans we looked around

Coachman VIP 460

Venus 460

Bailey Unicorn Merida

Adria Action

Compass Casita 462

Swift Challenger 480

To watch the full video click below.