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3 in 1 from Colapz

Q: When is a watering can not a watering can ?

A: When it’s a 3 in 1 from Colapz

Colapz 3 in 1

We are all guilty of taking too much stuff away with us on holiday, and as caravaners this is no exception.

As a family we have said a millions times, we really need to go through the caravan and thin some of the contents.

We have only had our van for two years, and as with many of us we started off with what we considered to be what we needed.

This then grows into double what we use. Then we are at the “we are running out of space” issue.

For us having the caravan nice and tidy when we are away is essential, as there are four of us plus our fluffy pooch.

Having a massive load of paraphernalia becomes a problem and things being to be put where ever we can find space.

Well the clever people at Colapz have come up with a great idea. Possibly one of the most essential items required by Caravaner’s and Motorhomer’s alike, is a watering can.

Required for many jobs around the van, such as filling the flush. Also, there are many of us that like to use a bucket for washing down the van on arrival if it is particularly dirty or even just as a safety precaution.

Well both these items are bulky and take up a lot of room. This is where the Colapz 3 in 1 comes into its own.

Made from durable recycled plastic, unlike other foldaway items made with silicone, this doesn’t crack or split after a little use.

It has all the accessories neatly stored in the bottom of the bucket, which can easily be removed to change its use to a watering can, or indeed a liquid dispenser.

As it is food grade and safe to carry food or drink, so could be used to dispense ice cold squash for those hot sunny days.

And don’t worry if you forget to put it away after use as it is UV and frost resistant too.

The Testing

Now to the testing, we were sent the 10 litre 3 in 1 in a lovely shade of purple.

The 3 in 1 consists of

  • bucket,
  • watering can
  • liquid dispenser.

We took it away in our caravan to test it out. Firstly, we used it as a Watering can, the setup from bucket to watering can is very simply and takes seconds to do.

By removing the cap on the side of the bucket you can attach the spout and if so desired you can attach the rose to the end so that it sprinkles rather than pours.

We filled ours to the top and with it full of water it felt very sturdy and when stood on the floor holds its shape very well.

As a watering can it was used several times for topping up the toilet flush, decent size for this as it is not too cumbersome.

As a bucket, we found the fixed part lid on top posed a bit of a problem as a sponge was too big to get in easy, perhaps we need a smaller sponge.

Other than that, again it was very sturdy and the plastic covered rope handle makes is easy to hold.

The girls wanted to try it out as a liquid dispenser, so we made up some orange squash and left out for them to use as and when, they found the tap easy to use and no dripping and good steady flow.

I was very impressed at how it holds it shape when nearly empty, still nice and sturdy and not an unsightly thing to have in the caravan or awning as they come in such lovely colours.

For the most part though the Colapz 3 in 1 was left as a watering can down by the side of our caravan and we had some very cold nights and there appears to be no damage to the material.

The Verdict

All in all, we would give it a big thumbs up, it takes up no room at all in the front locker, as far as weight goes I don’t think there would be a lot difference between a bucket and watering can combined and the Colapz 3 in 1, but this is not about weight, this is about space and the Colapz saves you loads.

It’s not cheap retailing at £34.99, but there isn’t anything else on the market like this to compare it too, and bearing in mind that it has 3 functions in one, what would it cost to buy all three separately, well possibly the same if not more, and where would you store all those separate things?

Well done you clever people at Colapz 10 out of 10.

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