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Accessories from Hymer Original Parts: Stay flexible on your holidays with an E-Bike and E-Scooter

Stay flexible on your holidays with an E-Bike and E-Scooter 


For even more flexible mobility when you reach your destination, Hymer Original Parts offers the Hymer E-Bike by FLYER and the Hymer E-Scooter. With its 500 Wh battery and 3rd generation Bosch motor, the E-Bike is a powerful piece of kit.

The components are elegantly and discreetly integrated in the white frame of the E-Bike. In addition to a smooth ride, the E-Bike boasts a low-maintenance belt drive that prevents dirt from chain grease, and the folding pedals enable it to be stored in the rear garage without taking up too much space.

Thanks to the Hymer Bike Carrier, the E-Bike can also be easily and efficiently stowed away in the rear garage. The main element of this system is the vertical support pole for the bicycle retaining arm, which is sturdily fitted to the vehicle. This can be easily adapted to the garage and makes loading the vehicle a breeze.

Bike Rack 2 Bikes
Bike Rack 2 Bikes

The standard system has room for two bikes and can be expanded by one bicycle at a time, if required. It is able to transport a maximum of four bikes. 

Bike Rack
Bike Rack

For those who want to keep up with the latest urban trend when on holiday, there’s also the new Hymer E-Scooter.

Travelling the short distances to the launderette and going on shopping trips to the nearest town will be even more fun with the approved E-Scooter and its 350-watt motor.

With a top speed of 20 kilometres per hour and a maximum range of 30 kilometres, the scooter is the perfect accessory for your holidays.

Hymer E-bike
Hymer E-bike

The new Eriba Nova awning blends: Stylish addition for outside 

Thanks to Hymer Original Parts, the appearance of the Eriba Nova can be complemented with another highlight: the new Eriba Nova awning blends in seamlessly with the overall appearance of the caravan.

When designing the awning adapter, particular importance was attached to ensuring a perfect fit. One particular highlight is the light on the adapter. This can be operated using a separate switch, and is even dimmable, if desired, which expertly draws attention to the new Eriba Nova.

The awning’s sturdy jointed arm ensures that the fabric is perfectly tensioned, and the design also improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle and minimises road noise.

Thanks to the full-surface bonding of the adapter to the roof, rain water is drained away to the side of the awning.

Pop-top roof insulation and electric blanket: Cosy and warm, even on cold nights 

The pop-top roof insulation for Camper Vans from Hymer Original Parts can be easily fixed in place in a matter of minutes using the special Fidlock magnets inside the vehicle.

The insulation features a grey velour fabric on the inside, which creates a cosy atmosphere on the one hand, while on the other it protects you from prying eyes from outside as well as daylight.

Hymer Original Parts & Accessories offers a new electric blanket for those particularly cold days. It has four temperature settings, ensuring that you get a relaxing and sound night’s sleep. For extra safety, the blanket automatically switches itself off after 180 minutes.

Handy accessories to suit every taste 

To recreate the feeling of your kitchen at home when you’re on holiday, Hymer Original Parts has the perfect accessories for the rail that is installed as standard in the kitchen.

The premium quality and sturdy hanging hooks made of metal are perfect for hanging up tea towels or potholders. As the paper towel holder can be fixed in a variety of locations, your roll of paper towel will always be within easy reach.

To mount, simply twist the two fixings into the rail on the right and left side. For a meal to be delicious, the right seasonings are absolutely essential. The spice rack, which can be quickly and easily twisted into the rail at both ends, will keep them tidy.

Hymer Original Parts

With the aid of a rubber retaining band, the spices can be easily and securely held in place, even when the vehicle is on the move.

Hymer Original Parts has the perfect accessory for coffee lovers too: the coffee pod holder has space for up to six pods and can be mounted on the rail in a variety of locations. What’s more, coffee lovers can also mount multiple pod holders side by side.

Spice Rack
Spice Rack

For more information on Hymer go to www.hymer.com

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