August 9inch Portable TV

August 9 inch Digital TV & Media Player

When August got in touch with us regarding testing one of their 9″ portable TV’s, we had to say yes. We were about to head out for some winter caravanning and knowing the typical British weather we knew that having a TV could come in useful.

It didn’t take long before the TV was getting unboxed and it was great to see that the TV came well packed in it own bubble case. Also included in the box was a Mains Power Adaptor, A/V Cable, External Antenna, Earphones, A Remote Control and the User Manual.

We plugged it in to the mains as it needed charging. The TV comes with its own built in battery, which takes about 3 hour to charge and can give you about 2 hours watch time. Which means you can take literally anywhere. I have noticed you can buy a separate 12v charger, this means it can be used in the caravan if you want to go off grid and need more than 2 hours watch time.

Mains Power Adaptor

We plugged the TV through the main aerial, but it does come with a magnetic portable aerial which has a good cable length. I know from a previous product test for August (Freeview TV WiFi Transmitter) that this does work well in a mid to strong signal area.

Magnetic External Aerial

First thing you need to do is tune the channels, this is important if you are moving about, as each area will have a different signal and you will need to re-tuned the TV. Once you have done this you’re good to go.

Using the remote control you can navigate around all that the TV has to offer. The TV comes with a 7 day EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which means you can see whats on. It also has a handy subtitles function for those hard of hearing.

Side Functions

The functions on the side are (from left to right)

HDMI – This means that you can connect another device via a HDMI cable handy for a DVD player.

DC In 9V – Allows you to run off mains electricity.

Headphones – This is great if the kids are using it to watch something and you don’t want to be disturbed.

AV Out – This let you output the signal from the TV.

AV In – This is another way of inputing a signal from another device.

USB – This lets you plug in a USB device, such as memory stick preloaded with films or music.

On / Off – Turns it On and Off.

If you would like to know what we thought of the TV watch our YouTube video below.

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To buy this Portable TV click on the link below

If you would like the 12 Volt charger click on the link below.

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