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I’m sure that many of you have suffered a night in the caravan being kicked or thumped by your partner, had to listen to them huffing and puffing in your face, laying there thinking why did I get a caravan! Well I know I have. When we bought our caravan, we had hoped that we would be able to sleep on the front seats as singles, but unfortunately, I can’t. And so, began our two years exploits to find the optimum sleeping position.

First, we tried sleeping with the girls at the back on the double, top and tail and their own sleeping bags, and us on the front benches again with our own sleeping bags. This did not work as the girls fought all night for space and I had the dog trying to get on top of me, we went home and had a rethink about how to sleep next time.

Second trip out, we decided that the girls would have to lump it as they had plenty of room. You may ask why we didn’t use the bunk for one of them, well neither of them wanted to sleep on it and we thought that it might have been too small for them. We thought we would try the double at the front with the sleeping bags. Well that was the first mistake neither of us could get on with the sleeping bags and so again spent the night feeling trapped. The girls well they still couldn’t find a comfy position with them both sleeping on the back double.

So back to the drawing board. What about if the girls slept on the front benches with the sleeping bags and we slept on the double at the back. Yes, that’s it we were sorted that had to work. Along came our next trip and ready and armed with all that we needed to make up our beds, sheets, duvet and sleeping bags for the girls, off we went, certain that we had finely sorted the sleeping situation for the final time. That this would be how we would sleep for the rest of the time owning this van. oh, how wrong we were. Night time came and we made up the beds, we all settled in and it felt good, for about 2 minutes, we don’t like it came the outburst from the girls, and once the hubby had found his spot in the bed, I was getting squashed into the wall. I didn’t like it either. So, after yet another horrible night in the caravan, the next morning I just wanted to get rid of it wasn’t going to go caravanning again, and to be frank was ready to go home.

But after a coffee and a talking too from hubby, I persevered and we decided to give the front double another go, but this time we would use the duvet and the girls decided that Lulu would sleep on the bunk, giving Grace the double underneath.

Along came bedtime again and we set up the girl’s beds, both jumped in and we had big smiles, we like this they say, and sure enough with a few minute’s they were both fast asleep. A short while later we make up the front double and both settle down for what we hoped would be a good night’s sleep, as I had made it quite clear that if I don’t sleep tonight we were going home the next day and selling the caravan. Well needless to say we did sleep, not the best night I have ever had, as the hubby is a fidget in bed and likes lots of room, so I was getting kicked a bit and he was a bit to close with his snoring, so close that I could feel my eyelashes moving with each breath out. But I eventually got off to sleep.

Until recently this is the way we always slept, until one day while away hubby said, why don’t we sleep on the benches but with the middle made up and have single duvets, I gave it some thought and though yeah that could work. With the draws, in between us it meant he wasn’t going to be breathing all over me all night and we had plenty of room in between us to put our legs out. So, we gave it a try. Why oh why had we not tried it before. It’s the best night’s sleep I have had in the caravan, and even the dog had somewhere to go that didn’t get in the way. Waking up feeling refreshed, I now had a reason to look forward to going to bed in our caravan.

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