2020 Adria Altea Tyne

The 2020 Adria Altea Tyne is a 4 berth caravan with fixed single beds, there is a wardrobe at the foot of the nearside bed

The bathroom is located at the rear of the van. The kitchen is on the offside with their trademarked 3 gas burner and combined sink. A combined oven and grill are found below.

The U-shaped seating at the front offers a copious amount of lounging room at the front.

The light wood makes the inside feel open and roomy and the new upholstery ‘Gilles’ gives a splash of colour.

The front of the van is basked in light with a large single window and a large sunroof above it.

Adria Altea Tyne Layout
Adria Altea Tyne Layout

Key Features

• Exclusive ‘i-shaped’ exterior design with integrated features.
• Double-glazed ‘flat’ design tinted windows.
• GFK polyester body.
• Two-part door with window.
• Upgraded electrical equipment and control panel.
• AL-KO chassis.
• Front gas bottle storage compartment.
• New interior style with an innovative lighting system.
• Wide choice of layouts and bedroom formats.
• New Smart kitchen with the best appliances including oven/grill.
• Spacious bathrooms.
• New controllable lighting for different ambiance.
• New smart storage solutions.
• New textile style with softer more durable materials.
• Pre-installation loudspeakers, Bluetooth and USB sockets.
• Truma heating

2020 Adria Altea Dart Specifications

At the time of writing, this Adria was unable to supply any specifications on the Tyne. As soon as we find out we will publish them.

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