Hangin’ with the Hardham’s – Easter Holiday 2018

DAY 1 (Thursday) It’s late Thursday afternoon (5pm to be exact) and we are heading out in the car without an inch of space left in the boot. I have consulted my phone and the planned journey should take us about two and a half hours. Have I forgotten to say its the Thursday before […]

Dinner’s Ready

One of the most enjoyable times for me in the caravan is meal times, it’s funny how at home this becomes a chore, trying to think of things to cook everyday to keep everyone happy. But when we are away it’s so different. There’s no “I don’t want that; can I have or yuck” we […]

Why Our Caravan

2005 Bailey Ranger 500/5 So, we have been asked on a few occasions why did we choose the layout in our caravan. Well as previously mentioned in our back story, we spent many hours walking round local and non- local dealers, much to the dismay of the children. To be honest I’m not sure that […]

Our Back Story

We have been caravanning now for just over two years. Although relatively new to it, as a young couple we were keen campers. We had several tents in our time and loved nothing more than getting away to explore new places. After finding out that we were expecting our first child (Grace) we had to […]

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