The first bit of great news is out about TourerFest 2019.   Booking opens on the 07th December at 8am. To book click the link here – The price As it stands at this moment in time (this is what we genuinely believe the 2019 price will be) the priceRead More →


Devonian sandstone and slate landscape, with granite batholith … …  creates a nostalgic Cornish ambience in its middle lands, mystical echoes of smugglers, legends, grand houses, windswept moorland, tempestuous coastline and alluring villages. Seasonal variation welcomes abundant inspiration for the Kernewek traveller. Do please join us as we venture further intoRead More →

Self Built Camper Van

A channel all about a Mercedes Benz Vito Van Self Built Camper Van Conversion from start to finish. Lots of short trips away and overnight stealth camps in the van across England, Wales and Scotland and then a trip into Europe. Project started on the 9th January 2017. A seriouslyRead More →

A story of how Julian & Karina Ingham or Here We Tow began their Adria Adventures. How it all began… In a land far far away, some know it as “up north”, Karina and Jules started their journey to find the perfect touring caravan in which to set out onRead More →

The granite land mass of Britain’s furthest Westerly point … … has been in the dreams of most of us at some time or other, from its Southerly palm trees and sheltered coves, to the imposing black cliffs that stand guard over the Atlantic ocean in the North. Shipwrecks, smugglersRead More →

A short blog about Bob and Jenny Earnshaw. It’s 15 years since we bought our first motorhome and we have enjoyed so many adventures travelling in the UK and mainland Europe. 1996 – we hire our first van We decided to buy a motorhome after two very enjoyable trips inRead More →