Most visitors to CMT 2020 in 52 years

Largest public trade fair for leisure and tourism in the world with record numbers: Noticeable desire to travel and the best buying mood at CMT 2020 in Stuttgart.

CMT 2020
Picture Credit: Messe Stuttgart

The CMT 2020 will be “the most popular edition in the 51 years of its history,” predicted Roland Bleinroth, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart, at the CMT balance press conference on Friday (January 17). 

The previous figures represented an “absolute record value”, which is expected to be “significantly above the previous record”. 

In 2018, 265,000 people visited the CMT, setting a record. The catchment area has also increased: a quarter of all visitors to the trade fair have accepted a journey of more than 100 kilometers this time, in the caravanning area even more than a third. 

The reasons for the success are quite diverse: They have “tweaked a lot” and, for example, increasingly used the new digital media. 

A not unimportant factor was also the “ideal trade fair weather”. 

The feedback from the exhibitors, who reported good discussions, high willingness to buy and very good sales in many places, were correspondingly positive. 

When asked specifically about the future expansion of the exhibition center, Bleinroth said that the company wanted to “take care of the expansion of the traffic infrastructure” before “Hall 11” was on the agenda.

High level of satisfaction with partner country Montenegro

For the partner country Montenegro, this year’s CMT partnership was

“an excellent opportunity to present us. Our film screenings in the holiday cinema were always well attended. This enabled us to inspire many people for an active vacation in the north of the country. I believe that we will be able to welcome many CMT visitors here in Montenegro. We are absolutely satisfied! “

Dušanka Pavićević

said Dušanka Pavićević, Deputy Director of the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro

Strong response to outdoor and health offers

Martin Knauer, spokesman for Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg, this year’s outdoor partner of CMT, was also satisfied. 

The aim of the trade fair appearance ‘CMT Special – Wild South’ was to surprise our guests what we have in the Wild South. It was successful. 

We received great feedback on the topic. Not least thanks to a tremendous media response, the CMT 2020 was a wonderful start to the year.

Martin Knauer

Very similar to Arne Mellert, Managing Director of the Baden-Württemberg Association of Spas / Health Spas and Health Resorts Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg:

“Initially we had to get used to being a CMT partner in the caravanning area, but it was a decision that we never made will regret. The CMT gave us a platform to reach an audience that we would never have reached otherwise. ”

Arne Mellert

CMT is a “magnet” for the caravanning industry

CMT 2020
Picture Credit: Messe Stuttgart

The CMT is increasingly proving to be a “magnet” for industry representatives from all over Europe, and subsequently praised Holger Siebert, Vice President and Board Member for Public Relations at the Caravanning Industry Association CIVD. 

The growing catchment area manifests itself among other things in the fact that more and more important meetings are held at the fair. 

For example, the annual meeting of the Norwegian Camping and Caravaning Association. 

The CMT was also “economically the bottom line a success”.

Oliver Waidelich, Managing Director of the German Caravaning Trade Association DCHV said.

“Our dealers are also very satisfied. There was good buying interest at the fair, which radiated to the commercial agencies. ”

The CMT confirms that this hope for the future is justified. The fair was a great win for everyone involved!

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