Day 1 of our Chapel Lane Blog

It’s a cold snowy Sunday morning in February and we are up with the lark. We are getting ourselves ready to go on our first trip of the year in Bertie. We have booked five nights at Chapel Lane Caravan Club site just on the out skirts of Birmingham. After packing up the car to almost over flowing, you would think we were going for a year the amount the girls want to take with them, and doing all the lock down checks on the house, we all pile into the car for the short journey to my parents’ house, where Bertie lives.

Once arrived we hitch up Bertie to the car and have our last wee’s before we embark on our drive to Birmingham. Last checks done to ensure that lights etc. are all working ok on the van, we finally pull away from the parents at around 9:30 am.

The drive up was pretty uneventful. A few games of eye spy played and a little bit of singing to the radio, ensured the girls didn’t get to bored. Chapel Lane site was easy to find with plenty of road signs showing the way.

A Trip to Chapel Lane

We pulled on to site at 11:40 and where greeted by a very friendly warden, who told us that they were just swapping shifts over, and would be with us in a few minutes and invited us to wait inside the office. With the pooch and the girls in the car, we popped inside to get out of the cold wind and snow that was occurring outside. It was only a short wait and soon after the usual brief, we were back in the car and looking for a pitch. The site was not busy, but at the same time it wasn’t empty either. Now if I hadn’t mentioned before we had arranged to meet friends on the site, bearing this in mind, we looked for an area that had plenty of pitches available so that the others had a choice where to pitch. We found what we thought was a good area, right by the dog walk which was handy, as all bar one of us had a dog. The hubby being told that’s the one we want, pops the car in reverse and manoeuvres the van on to the pitch, ensuring that the corner of the van is in the correct position of the white peg! Pretty much spot on we jump out the car and un hitch Bertie.

Dede & Grace

Now to start the setting up… we don’t really have a regimented routine for this. But as it was very cold, we got the electric on first so we could get the heating working, as we knew it was going to be a cold one setting up and needed a warm place to go once finished. In general, myself and the hubby set up outside, sharing the jobs between us and the girls set up inside, putting away clothes etc. The awning went up relatively easy this time, we had the 390 with us so only takes about thirty minutes to erect. Once up we can get the furniture out so there is room to move around in the van. With the water on and the kettle out it was time for a coffee to warm our hands, did I mention it was snowing!

Our youngest Lulu was eagerly waiting for our friends to arrive. Here I should tell you that we hadn’t actually ever met these people before, but the hubby had got friendly with, what should we call him? Mr T! through Twitter and Facebook, but that’s another story. So, from this we had arranged to meet. Back to the story, Lulu is waiting for them to arrive and we are busy setting up, when they pull around the corner. They decide to pitch next to us, and we are asked by Mr T not to watch him reverse on to pitch, so we all stand there and watch. There was really no need for him to worry as he did a very good job. After introducing ourselves to each other we go back to finish setting up.

Tummies rumbling, our eldest Grace gets out the sausage rolls and pork pies we have brought with us for a quick lunch, and we all sit down for a bite to eat.

All set up, which took longer than usual, possibly because there was quite a bit of banter between us and our neighbours, we sit down for a well-earned rest.

Time ticks by and we are now at around 4pm, so we decide to pop next door with a giant Reese that Grace has made (for those not in the know a Reese is a peanut butter and chocolate cup) for Mrs T, who we had found out has a liking to them.

We are welcomed into their van, coffee is made and Reese eaten, much chat is had. Mr T then suggests a Gin and Ginger Ale. After some persuasion, you see the hubby doesn’t like gin and I didn’t think I liked ginger ale, we accept the kind offer, this turned out to be more than just one drink as we carried on until the wee hours and managed to finish off the bottle of gin. The girls meanwhile where happily getting to know each other in Bertie. We then start on the Amaretto, which probably wasn’t the best idea as this finished us off. Now the early hours of the morning, we decided we have all have enough and we call it a night.