Day 2 – A Trip to Chapel Lane Pt2

After what had been a fantastic evening with the Family T, we had all slept well and were awoken by our fluffy mutt needing a wee. Hubby got up first and took the dog for a quick walk to relieve herself. The girls up next full of the joys of spring. Then me well I was not in the best of ways, it must be said, “never gonna drink again “being the first words out of my mouth, closely followed by “coffee”. The hubby returns and to my annoyance feels fine. I managed to drag my sorry body out of bed, to get that coffee.

Today was going to be a day mainly at the site, as we were expecting some more people arrive. Maybe just pop to the local shops, to get some food for the next couple of days, and possibly some gin! oh no that’s right I’m never drinking again.

Coffee had and I am starting to feel a little bit more human, so after getting washed and dressed, we decide to go get that food. It has been decided Grace and Lulu’s new friend Miss T, would come with us, and we would get some lunch out. So, all in the car and off for a sort drive to Maypole, a local suburb of Birmingham, here we found a large Sainsbury’s, Aldi and some smaller shops, two of which were fast food outlets. We park up and decided we will go for the healthier option of Subway. Food purchased we sit down to enjoy our meal, only to see Mr and Mrs T walking up for the car park, which the girls found highly amusing. We opt for Aldi for our food shop as we use them at home, we got most of what we needed, however much to my disappointment we could not find any black pudding for our morning fry up, which for me is an essential part of any fry up. A little more faffing about, we take our purchased items to the car, we all pile in, for the sort drive back to the site.

Back and unpacked, we pop the kettle on, I’m still feeling the effects of last night’s shenanigans, so think maybe a little afternoon nap is on the cards. This was not to be as the first of the people who we were expecting have arrived. This is the part where I tell you we have never met these people before, thankfully they turn out to be lovely. Deb and her husband Steve have come along to join us for a couple of days. The family T have met them before and come over to introduce everyone to each other. Deb writes a blog, In Pursuit Of A Dream , about their journeys in their Bailey Pursuit Caravan, well worth a read. Ever the host MR T makes them coffee and we have quick chat as they still have to set up their van. We all leave them to it and return to our vans, for a brief time only as the last but by no means least member of our little group arrives. Mr Andrew Ditton and he smashing little dog Dougal, who is quite the star, don’t you know, pull up. To see Andrews adventures with Dougal click the link here Andrew J Ditton So, all out of the vans again to say hello. More tea is made and this time we bring out the cakes. More chat is had and as before we allow Mr Ditton to get set up.

The evening promises to be a good one, with some very interesting people, its arranged that we shall all meet at the family T’s caravan, once again for drinkies, not me though, coz I’m not drinking ever again!

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