ERIBA Touring Troll 530 Rockabilly and Ocean Drive

The ERIBA Touring model range is starting the new year with two colourful special models at the 2018 Exhibition for Car- avanning, Motoring and Tourism: the ERIBA Touring Troll cult caravan will gain the colourful models, Rockabilly and Ocean Drive. The colour scheme pervades both the exterior and interior of the two caravans and, together with the retro design, it is reviving the American way of life of the 1950s.

Since its debut in the late 1950s, the ERIBA Touring Troll has stood for an inde- pendent and extraordinary travelling experience. It’s an eye-catching caravan that still hasn’t lost any of its appeal and it’s more popular now than ever before. Whilst ERIBA already presented a model featuring the classic retro design last year, two additional reinterpretations of the classic model are to follow this year.

Two models, one style

When designing the new models, ERIBA focussed on an elegant combination of retro charm and modern chic. ERIBA Touring models are well-known for having a distinctive appearance, and the Rockabilly and Ocean Drive are no exception. The striking, two-colour exterior paint finish is what makes the Rockabilly and Ocean Drive special. Whilst the Rockabilly model is coloured in a combination of white and Diner-Red, the Ocean Drive features the colours white and Ocean-Blue. Although the two-colour paint finish emphasises the retro character of the caravans in an ef- fective way, it simultaneously forges a link with the modern, as multi-coloured paint- work is very on trend, especially in the automotive industry. Another design highlight of the new models includes the steel rims with their chrome cover and retro look, which are very reminiscent of those found on American Cadillacs.

Extraordinary interior design

The interior design of the Rockabilly and Ocean Drive ERIBA Touring Troll models is inspired by the style of the American 1950s. The focal point of the interior is the re- designed seating area with extra high backrest cushions, which feature striped stitching that is so typical of American diners. The colour-coordinated sides of the seat cushions in red or blue really catch the eye. The other textiles are also inspired by the look and feel of this time in both colour and design as standard. The white curtains in both models have large monochrome dots, while the cushions in the Rockabilly also feature a circular pattern and those in the Ocean Drive have a de- sign featuring marine creatures.


The table and work surface are a high-gloss white colour, while the edges are a gleaming red or blue. The bright floor of the new Touring model is complemented by a high-pile, vintage look carpet – vibrant red in the Rockabilly, a light shade of blue in the Ocean Drive. The white overhead locker doors coordinate with the retro chic look thanks to their white, antique design wood. All of the kitchen units and the bathroom door are a pale beige colour with a slight pattern, which enhances the overall bright and friendly appearance of the caravan.

The ERIBA Touring Troll 530 Rockabilly and the ERIBA Touring Troll 530 Ocean Drive will be available from dealers from May/June 2018.

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