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UK Tops List Of European Hotspots For Caravan Lovers

Caravan holidays are on the rise – 39% of UK adults have been on a camping or caravanning holiday in the past three years ending October 2018. With that in mind and in time for National Camping and Caravanning week (27th May – 2nd June), caravan insurance specialist Safeguard has carried out in-depth research to uncover Europe’s favourite destinations for caravanning. 

Safeguard have analysed 5 data points for each country including the number of caravan sites, number of nights spent, number of caravan trips, the amount spent on renting sites and the number of new touring and motor caravan registrations per 100,000 population* to produce an index score out of ten, to determine who the continents biggest caravan lovers are.

The Top 10 European Caravan Destinations

RankCountryCaravan Hotspot
Index Score

UK caravan lovers treasure the time spent in their second home getting away from the day-to-day routine, spending the most nights in caravans overall out of any countries in Europe, with 232,092 nights overall, followed by France (139,777) and Switzerland (135,659). 

In the pursuit of better weather, caravan fans in the UK come out on top, preferring to go overseas for their adventures, with 157,259 outbound nights. In comparison to French caravanners who like to stay close to home in their caravan, spending 124,658 domestic nights, compared to UK staycationers who spent just 74,833 domestic nights. 

Top 10 Countries for Total No. Nights Spent

RankCountryTotal Nights Spent
1United Kingdom232,092

Despite the UK spending the most nights overall in their caravan, Slovenia takes the crown for the greatest number of trips with 12,125 outbound trips, with Switzerland (7,399) in second place and the UK (7,089) in third place. 

Showing just how much UK residents love their caravans, the research also revealed that Brits have the deepest pockets – spending £5,771 on caravans, followed by Denmark (£3,904) and then France (£2,937).

Although the UK splashes the cash on their caravan adventures, they are not investing in new caravans to own, with Denmark taking first position with 40 touring registrations and Sweden taking the top spot for motor caravan registrations with 64 registrations.

However, despite the UK ranking first overall, France has over 7,000 more caravan and camping sites than the UK, meaning that there is a large opportunity for the UK to expand its domestic caravan offerings. 

 Andrew Leech, Caravan and Motorhome Insurance Specialist at Safeguard Insurance said:

“This new study has revealed that the UK is Europe’s number one place for caravans. With Brits spending the most nights in a caravan overall and splurging the most money on their beloved home-away-from-home, there’s no doubt that we really are a nation of caravan lovers, although we faced stiff competition from Sweden and France to triumph!”

View the Safeguard interactive Europe’s caravanning destination index here: 

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