Green Decore Outdoor Rug

There is nothing worse than stepping out of your Caravan or motorhome in bare feet and onto a tiny little stone that feels like a boulder.

We have all done it, hopping around and swearing at the world for putting it there.

Well no more, with Green Decore Rugs.

Yes I know you can get carpets for awnings but what if you don’t have an awning or you have a canopy?

You can have one of these stunning rugs.

They are made from recycled plastic straw, so environmentally friendly, come in a wide variety of beautifully designed patterns and colours to suit all, and are easy to clean, just shake or hose down. They are strong and durable, yet cushioned under your feet.

The lovely people at Green Decore sent us here at Caravan Gossip, one of their Arabian Nights Rugs, in carrot and white measuring 4ft x 6ft.

I have to say when it arrived all rolled up my initial thoughts where OMG that’s bright, the wife won’t like that, but after rolling it out and putting it in the seated area of our garden, I love it and the wife does too!

The first thing we noticed was how it brightens up the area it’s in, being outside surrounded by the green of the plants and brightly coloured flowers, make it fit in perfectly. Definitely a fantastic addition to the garden.

But apart from looking good, its useful too, we like to sit in the garden late into the evenings in this barmy heat we have been having but as soon as the sun goes down the ground starts to cool,

we found with the Green Decore rug under our feet, it retains the heat from the day thus keep your feet warm at night.

We have two young children and a large pooch with a tail that could knock a mountain over.

So the rug got another test when a glass was knocked off the table sitting on it.

Whereas before the glass would have broken, the cushioning of the rug broke its fall,

so no broken glass to attend with and because they are made from recycled plastic, we could just wash it off, so no scrubbing to clean.

All in all, this is a very well manufactured product. Suitable for all kinds of uses from the garden to the home or even on your travels.

A lovely addition to any caravan or motorhome alike.

Click below to find more:

Green Decore Rug in use

Below is an Amazon link to just one of many colours and sizes you can find.

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