Kampa Awning Test

How to test a Kampa Awning

Kampa Awning Test
Kampa Awning Test

How to test a Kampa Awning ?

The people at Kampa take product testing very seriously.

As most of us like to get out and about all year round, there are some occasions when an awning needs to be put up and used in windy conditions.

This is where Kampa have taken their testing to a new level.

They have used a Kampa Grande Air Pro 390 and put it up against an aeroplane.

See the video below to see how it stood up.

For more information on Kampa click HERE

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1 thought on “How to test a Kampa Awning


    (20th March 2019 - 6:39 pm)

    Great blog, really interesting to see. I think they are coming along. One day they will get there.

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