Hymer Free S 600 on a Mercedes chassis

Hymer CamperVans Free S exterior view
Hymer CamperVans Free S exterior view

Hymer are presenting the sporty Free model range of camper vans on a new chassis.

For the first time, the Hymer Free S 600 will be built on the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with front-wheel drive, meaning that it will offer a particularly high level of driving comfort and traction.

Thanks to its modern interior design, the panel van ensures that your travel adventures will not have to compromise on the exclusive charm of Hymer.

Free S 600 Cab
Cab Seating

Since the Free model range of camper vans was unveiled, it has stood for freedom and independence, coupled with the customary exclusivity of Hymer, more than any other vehicle.

With the new Hymer Free S 600, the long-established company from Bad Waldsee is focusing even more on its premium quality standards, without neglecting the adventurous character of the vehicles.

Modern design meets luxurious furnishings 

Like its sister models built on a Fiat chassis, the Hymer Free S 600 has a sporty and modern interior design.

Matt white surfaces and silver-grey details combined with oak tones create a harmonious impression.

The double bed at the rear has plenty of room for you to get a restful night’s sleep and features a new, pull-out bed ladder with a storage space partition for extra convenience.

Free S 600 Bed
Rear Bed

During the day, the bed can be easily folded up out of the way and the rear can be used as a storage space for surfboards, bikes and other items.

Free S 600 Rear View
Rear View

The kitchen area with the medium-height, 90-litre refrigerator has plenty of room for your food supplies.

Opposite the kitchen is the bathroom, which includes a convenient bench toilet and pull-out fittings with an outdoor shower function.

What makes the Hymer Free S 600 particularly practical is the 110-litre fresh water tank, and electric waste water tank drainage comes as standard.

Free S 600 interior view
interior view

Towards the front and adjoining the bathroom is where the spacious seating area can be found. It has a table with a pull-out extension.

Thanks to the optional pop-top roof, up to four people can travel together in the Hymer Free S 600.

One particular highlight is that the ambient lighting extends throughout the living, kitchen and sleeping areas. The insulated, aluminium framed windows also ensure that there is plenty of daylight.



The Free S 600 is even sportier thanks to the new chassis

Hymer CamperVans Free S exterior view
Hymer CamperVans Free S exterior view

Thanks to its new chassis, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with front-wheel drive, the Hymer Free S 600 boasts a generous headroom of two metres inside the vehicle and is also equipped with numerous assistance systems.

The standard equipment includes Crosswind Assist, for example, but also the ECO start/stop function.

A number of additional Mercedes-Benz assistance systems can also be optionally added to the Hymer Free S 600. Aside from DISTRONIC Active Distance Assist, these include Active Blind Spot Assist and a parking package.

The standard 143 hp engine makes driving a dynamic experience, and other optional extras, such as the 9-speed automatic transmission, can also be added.

What’s more, the lighter model of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with front-wheel drive ensures extra payload reserves.

News from Hymer Original Parts: Cosy and warm, even on cold nights

The Hymer Free S 600 is not only a camper van for the warm months of the year.

With its optional pop-top roof, the panel van is suitable for all manner of camping trips, even in winter.

This is due in part to the pop-top roof insulation from Hymer Original Parts.

This can be easily fixed in place in a matter of minutes using the special Fidlock magnets inside the vehicle.

The insulation features a grey velour fabric on the inside, which creates a cosy atmosphere on the one hand, while on the other it protects you from prying eyes from outside as well as daylight.

Hymer Original Parts & Accessories offers a new electric blanket for those particularly cold days.

It has four temperature settings, ensuring that you get a relaxing and sound night’s sleep. For extra safety, the blanket automatically switches itself off after 180 minutes.

The Hymer Free S 600 will be available from dealers from spring 2020 onwards.

For more information go to www.hymer.com

Hymer Free 600

To see more on the Hymer Free 600 which has a Fiat Ducato as a base vehicle then click below where Here We Tow have a YouTube review.

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