Interesting Vehicles at CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2019

With the 2019 Caravan Salon Düsseldorf beginning, here are a selection of interesting vehicles that they have on display at the show.

Knaus Tabbert

The New Upper Class: Tabbert Cellini

Knaus Tabbert Cellini
Knaus Tabbert Cellini

Tabbert’s new upper-class caravan Cellini will celebrate its public premiere at CARAVAN SALON. For the model year 2020 it will be given a new automotive-look, futurist exterior design.

Measuring 10.33 m in length the Cellini 750 HTD boasts a lateral slide out housing a spacious double bed.

The Cellini models also demonstrate that they belong to the absolute top class with their re-designed interiors: dark wood with stainless steel accents as well as the finest materials give the living room a very exquisite character.

The top model starts at €71,700 (£64,778), less luxurious layouts are already available from €53,000 (47,884).


Motorhome of Superlatives: Vario Perfect IV celebrates global premiere

Vario Perfect IV
Vario Perfect IV

With the fourth generation of the Vario Perfekt motorhome manufacturer Variomobil launches a luxury mobile home on a Mercedes Actros base with a slide out and a car garage.

The motorhome is propelled by a 354 hp engine. The permitted total weight stands at 18 tons, the length is 10 metres. The self-supporting sandwich body of glass-fibre reinforced plastic now features straight exterior walls and a new panoramic windshield, which has now been glued into the body for the first time to increase body stiffness even further.

The diesel tank holds 180 litres and there is room for 400 litres of drinking water as well as 300 litres of wastewater.

Features include the pneumatically sealed living room bay as well as a garage for a SMART car with automatic slide-in on a self-supporting platform.

The Vario Perfect features driver assistance systems as standard. This motorhome is characterised by extraordinary luxury in the living area and forward-looking technologies.

The interior finished in elegant American walnut veneer is hand crafted – the series of models starts from €554,340 (£500,830).


Ideal for Families/ Caravan Hobby de Luxe 545 KMF

Hobby De Luxe
Hobby De Luxe

For the 2020 season the Hobby de Luxe leaves no doubt about being a perfect companion for families.

Six of the 18 layouts in total from the de Luxe range come with a children’s compartment. The KFM layout sleeps 5 including a bunk bed for kids, is 2.50 m wide and just under 7.50 m long.

The base version costs €21,690 (£19,596) and as an entry-level model is particularly aimed at young families.  


First e-hybrid motorhome: Globevan e.Hybrid

Dethleffs e-hybrid
Dethleffs e-hybrid

Dethleffs will use CARAVAN SALON to launch the Globevan e.Hybrid – the first motorhome with plug-in hybrid ready for series production.

The Globevan e.Hybrid is based on a Ford Transit Custom whose drive axles are all electrically propelled. The built-in battery of the vehicle makes for an up to 50 km electrical range. Of course, altogether the Globevan offers a wider range.

This is made possible by the installed “Range Extender”, a 1.0-l-EcoBoost combustion engine running on petrol, which is exclusively used as a gen-set to re-charge the battery.

The advantage of this combination: the Globevan is fit for everyday use and can be driven all electrically. So this hybrid vehicle is exempted from any driving bans.

At the same time, recuperation energy is generated by braking or throttling thereby allowing particularly energy-efficient driving with low fuel consumption.

The combustion engine always runs in an optimal RPM range at maximum torque and supplies the battery with power, which in turn drives the electrical motor.

This gives the Globevan a total range of 500 km. The batteries can be charged within 5.5 hours when connected to a customary household socket or within 3 hours using a quick-charger socket. The total output of the electrical motor and combustion engine combined is 92 kW (126 h).

Pössl Freizeitmobile

Trend Camper Bus/Van: Compact “Vanster”


Compact vehicles such as vans or van campers are becoming ever more popular. They are agile and easier to manoeuvre, therefore also making them suitable for everyday use or city trips.

In this segment Pössl Freizeitmobile has successfully placed the Campster so far. Now the manufacturer offers a “slimmed-down” version with lifting roof and sleeping bench while doing without a kitchen and other pieces of furniture.

In terms of furnishing this absolutely compact, new bus is even more committed to the benefits and “allround qualities” of the bus category. With its handy storage systems, variable interior and lifting sleeping roof it is a true all-rounder for everyday and leisure use.

Based on the Citroën Jumpy this Vanster is available from €27,990 (£25,288); those preferring the Citroën Spacetourer as a basis will have to invest €32,000 (£28,911).

For €2,800 (£2530) camping furniture comprising a sink and gas burner can be ordered optionally, which are accommodated in the rear.

Vöhringer GmbH

Innovative Lightweight Construction Solution: Conceptvan 2020

Concept Van 2020
Concept Van 2020

The Conceptvan 2020 is the prototype of a lightweight motorhome that fulfils the ecological demands made on fuel consumption, weight and CO2 emission without compromising on functionality and interior aesthetics.

The camper based on a latest generation Mercedes Benz was equipped with highly innovative lightweight construction solutions by Vöhringer and therefore scores points with a considerable weight reduction and the associated CO2-emission reduction.

The lightweight component supplier consistently focuses here on the in-house developed materials such as V3D Composite (roof lining), Vunder Tech (furniture), VStrong (floor construction) and VFlex (wall cladding).


Integrated Top Class: chic e-line/s-plus on Mercedes Sprinter

Carthago Chic E-Line
Carthago Chic E-Line

With its series chic e-line/s-plus Carthago re-defines the premier league for motorhomes. So far there had only been two base vehicles – Fiat Ducato and Iveco daily.

From now on the chic e-line is alternatively also available on the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as a single or twin-axle vehicle. The common denominators are appearance, superstructure and the luxurious interior. Carthago showcases a thoroughly revised series at CARAVAN SALON.

Their special features include a new nose design, modern-elegant decorations, a completely integrated dashboard, a high-quality interior as well as meaningful safety packages and high-tech on-board equipment. Carthago uses the front-drive Sprinter and an AL-KO special low-frame chassis for the chic e-line.

For the impressive XL-versions Carthago uses the base vehicle with tandem rear axle and a total weight of max. 5.5 t – thereby ensuring a considerable cargo load of up to 1,500 kg.

As standard the chic e-line Mercedes Benz is supplied with 105 kW (143 hp). The optional power level is 130 kW (177 hp) but exclusively reserved to motorhomes.

The chic e-line Sprinter comes equipped with a six-gear manual transmission as standard but can – on request – also be equipped with the especially convenient and perfectly coordinated nine-speed automatic torque converter transmission.

Erwin Hymer

Connected in Series: Eriba Nova

Erwin Hymer Eriba Nova
Erwin Hymer Eriba Nova

Forming part of the Hymer group of companies, the caravan brand Eriba has re-launched its premium series Nova.

For the model year 2020 it promises customers more technical features, higher living comfort and a completely new superstructure technology.

These caravans stand out with their characteristic round shapes and score additional points with plenty of storage space and a comfy lounge suite.

A standard feature, the Eriba Smart Home System vouches for easy handling ensuring just about every wish is catered to in terms of functionalities and convenience.

The Eriba-App allows owners to check the gauges of battery, fresh water and room temperature or control such key functions as lighting, heating, hot water and air-conditioning.

Knaus Tabbert

Sporting a Lightweight Construction Chassis: Knaus Sport&Fun

Knaus Tabbert Sport & Fun Black Edition
Knaus Tabbert Sport & Fun Black Edition

The Sport&Fun by Knaus offers sufficient space to appropriately accommodate sports gear or bicycles.

The new Black Selection in the dominating colours black and silver stands for that new, strikingly futurist look and feel of caravans. It uses an AL-KO VARIO X as a standard chassis.

This new lightweight construction chassis fuses bionic weight-saving measures with high load-bearing capacity and stability – thereby allowing for more cargo load and, hence, for more comfort and flexibility.

The Black Selection is available from €21,999 (£19,875)

Adria Mobil

Luxury Holiday Home on Wheels: Adria Astella

Adria Astelle 2020
Adria Astelle 2020

Adria has announced a global premiere for CARAVAN SALON but information on the product was very sparse.

The Astella can be described as a luxury holiday home on wheels – it’s obviously not clear to see whether this is a caravan or a mobile home.

Due to a novel, wind-tunnel tested exterior design additional room for movement was created inside.

The major assets here obviously are high-quality and comfortable interior furnishings as well as special light effects and design features.

Prices have not been disclosed so far but the basic version should retail for more than €50,000 (45,173).

La Strada Fahrzeugbau

Trend Van Camper: High-Quality Interior and Four-Wheel Drive

La Strada Regent S
La Strada Regent S

In the Regent S 4×4 model the solid cabinetry, which has always been a hallmark of the motorhome maker la strada headquartered in Hessia, complements the new driver assistance systems and the electronic 4ETS four-wheel drive by Mercedes Benz.

This four-wheel drive version can be (de-)activated. Voice control, active cruise control, and a 360° rear-view camera are supplied with the la strada Regent S 4×4 depending on the equipment package.

Side wind wizard, lane departure assistant, high beam and dead-angle assistant continue to be available.

The living space of the la strada Regent S 4×4 has been strictly optimised for two persons and is identical to the rear-drive version. Lounge suite seating in the front, kitchen complex and bathroom in the centre and a transversal bed in the aft characterise the layout of this van camper.

The compact la strada Regent X 4×4 scores points with its great flexibility also off road, good ergonomics, high sleeping comfort, variable storage space and high-quality materials. The price stands at approximately €85,000 (£76,794).

Knaus Tabbert

Partially Integrated – Van TI Plus on a MAN Platform

Knaus TI Plus
Knaus TI Plus

By launching the VAN TI Plus Knaus presents the first mobile home on the new MAN TGE platform.

The series model comes with a standard front drive but is said to be also available with rear or four-wheel drive upon demand.

With the TGE MAN has developed an especially automotive basic vehicle that captivates buyers with extraordinary driving dynamics, state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and individual drive options – even with an optional four-wheel drive.

Two layouts will be supplied for the time being: the 650 MEG with twin rear beds and an extendible bench in the centre of the vehicle and the 700 MF with a double bed in the rear and L-shaped centre seating.

Identical in both models is the bathroom with swivelling washbasin.

The partially integrated RV is 6.99 m long, 2.2 m wide, 2.9 m high and retails for just under €65,000 (£58,725) in the basic version.


Caravaning Sports: Transport Caravan for Sports Gear

Cube 4
Cube 4

Held for the first time in front of Hall 16 will be the special exhibition Caravaning Sports.

Vehicles will be on show here that are particularly well suited to combining sporting activities and holidays on four wheels. Transport and lifestyle caravan manufacturer Sportcaravan will be presenting its models Cube 4 and Cube 5 – products for (motor-)cycling enthusiasts and active amateur sportspeople in the most functional of forms.

Seen from outside the Cubes look like inconspicuous boxes, inside they surprise users with a host of thoroughly researched functions. The absolute USP, however, is the combination of a safe, dry and odourless (motor)cycle garage with a caravan cabin for up to four persons who can even treat themselves to some food and beverages here.

In the evening four berths can be set up in no time. The Cube 5 model even features a WC shower.

The Cube 4 has an empty weight of 1,000 kg and costs from €18,000 (£16,262); the Cube 5 comes with an empty weight of 1,400 kg and starts from around €28,000 (£25,297). Both can take up to 800 kg of cargo load.

The garage will accommodate up to two or three motorcycles or alternatively four bicycles, two canoes/kayaks and even a built-up drum kit.

La Mancelle

Flower Power: Liberty 440 PC

La Mancelle Liberty 440 PC
La Mancelle Liberty 440 PC

French manufacturer La Mancelle is embarking on the retro trend offering a high-end caravan in a Flower Power look: the Liberty 440 PC.

Striking here are the floral exterior and the Y-shaped nose design giving the Liberty a dynamic outside appearance.

This caravan scores points with its rounded streamlined tailgate, optimised aerodynamics as well as some nice interior design extras.

The base price is around €27,000 (£24,393).

Erwin Hymer

New Camper Van: Crosscamp on a Toyota Platform

Erwin Hymer Crosscamp
Erwin Hymer Crosscamp

With its camper van Crosscamp the Erwin Hymer Group introduces a completely new brand to the caravanning market.

Measuring just under five metres in length the Crosscamp is based on the Toyota Proace Verso Family, a base vehicle so far fairly unknown in the industry, and offered from €42,990 (£38,840).

Thanks to its lifting roof the Crosscamp sleeps four and is designed to impress users with its flexibility and multi-functionality.

A special feature: The kitchen module complete with double-burner cooker and sink can be removed in its integrity through the standard second sliding door on the left to be used as an outdoor kitchen.

To see some of the above Interesting Vehicles then check out Andrew Ditton video below.

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