Knaus and Weinsberg at the NEC 2019

Knaus and Weinsberg are bringing over 30 models to the Motorhome and Caravan Show 2019 for its biggest stand ever. (Hall 17 – Stand 32)

Knaus Weinsberg has its biggest NEC show stand ever, with caravans and motorhomes together on the same stand for the first time

Weinsberg CaraCore 700
Weinsberg CaraCore 700
  • Highlights include:
    • NEW Knaus Sport & Fun Black Edition (£22,599)
    • NEW Weinsberg CaraCore A-Class motorhome (£65,195)
    • NEW Weinsberg CaraCompact Edition [Pepper] (£54,995)
    • NEW Weinsberg CaraHome 550MG (£50,995)
    • NEW Knaus L!VE I 700 MEG A-Class motorhome (£69,995)
    • NEW Knaus BoxLife 540 Road (£50,350)
    • NEW Knaus BoxStar 600 Street XL (£59,795)
    • NEW special edition Platinum selection specification upgrade for Knaus Starclass caravans and across the Knaus Van TI, Van I, Sun TI, Sky TI motorhomes
    • NEW Südwind special edition Sport Silver Selection models
  • Caravans on display include:
    • Knaus T@B 320 (£12,190) and T@B 400 (£14,770)
    • Weinsberg CaraOne UK 390 QD (£15,090), 390 PUH (£18,340), three versions of the 400 LK (£15,070),
      540 EUH (£23,050), 740 UDF (£24,999)
    • Knaus Deseo (£25,999)
    • NEW Knaus Sport & Fun Black Edition (£22,599)
    • Knaus Sport 400 LK Silver Selection (£18,530), 540 UE Silver Selection (£23,230)
    • Knaus Südwind 500 UF (£25,360), 580 QS (£26,520), 580 UE (£27,600) and 650 PXB (£27,178)
    • Knaus StarClass 480 Platinum (£27,440), 565 Platinum (£29,840), and 695 Platinum (£34,240)
  • Motorhomes and campervans on display include:
    • Sky TI 700 MEG Platinum (£66,295)
    • Van I 600 MG Platinum (£74,995)
    • Sun TI 650 MF Platinum (£74,295)
    • Sun TI 700 MEG Platinum (£79,595)
    • Sun I 900 LEG (£121,995)
    • NEW L!VE I 700 MEG (£69,995)
    • NEW BoxLife 540 Road (£50,350)
    • NEW BoxStar 600 Street XL (£59,795)
    • BoxDrive680ME (£59,195)
    • NEW Weinsberg CaraCore 650MF A-Class (£65,195)
    • NEW Weinsberg CaraCompact Edition [Pepper] (£54,995)
    • NEW Weinsberg CaraHome 550MG (£50,995)
    • Weinsberg CaraSuite 700 MX (£58,895)
    • Weinsberg CaraBus 630 ‘Outlaw’ (£51,845)
    • Weinsberg CaraTour 600MQH (£53,195)

With its biggest stand ever at the Motorhome and Caravan Show 2019, Knaus and its sister brand, Weinsberg, have over 30 models on display to showcase the surprisingly wide range of caravan and motorhome 2020 models now available from these prestigious German brands in the UK.

Whatever your budget, it would be hard to find another group of brands that offer such an interesting range of styles, value for money and award-winning luxury, all with the renowned German quality you’d expect.


Sport Fun Black Edition
Sport Fun Black Edition

From compact and lightweight, to the ultimate in spacious luxury, there is a spectacular choice of caravans, starting with the fun of the iconic T@B models (from £12,190), up to the top of the range StarClass Platinum models (from £27,440 to £34,240).

The T@B’s curvy teardrop shape, makes everyone smile, and both the compact 320 and the larger 400 model (with washroom) are at the show.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as the funky Knaus Deseo and Sport & Fun models, both offer a different take on caravan design.

For example, the Deseo has a large rear tailgate – great for accessibility (and fresh air or views) to load a motorbike, wheelchair or outdoor sports equipment. This innovative model has a rear lounge that folds away to create space for bikes, etc. There’s also a double bed that lowers from the ceiling, and a conventional side door ahead of the front kitchen and washroom.

The Sport & Fun also has two doors – a side door plus a wider one at the rear – so also has accessibility. The new Black Edition for 2020 (£22,599)

has a smart black and white exterior, now with a smooth finish to the side walls. It is also 30 percent lighter thanks to the innovative, new AL-KO Vario X chassis.

The new, 2020 special edition Knaus Sport Silver Selection models pack a unique continental style and extra equipment, including 17inch alloy wheels and built-in microwave. They’re also lightweight; the 5.99m long 400LK (£18,530) has an MRO of 900kg, and the larger 7.5m long 540UE (£23,230) has an MRO of 1,150kg.

The Südwind and StarClass ranges are the most luxurious Knaus caravans available in the UK and offer discerning customers the assurance of premium German build quality and durability.

There are four Südwind models on show, the 500UF with French bed (£25,360), 580QS with front double bed (£26,520) and 650PXB with a front kitchen (£27,178), all offering a refreshing continental style of interior and layouts.

StarClass models are designed for the UK with doors on the nearside and full kitchens with oven and grill. The 480 (£27,440), 565 (£29,840) and 695 (£34,240) are on the stand in the upgraded Platinum specification for 2020.

Weinsberg celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and has always been known for offering great value for money and quality. The CaraOne UK range is built with the door on the nearside and is available with an oven and grill. Its smaller models, the CaraOne 390 and 400 models at the show are also really lightweight with MIRO weights of 907kg and prices from £15,070. The 540 (£23,050) and twin-axle 740 (£24,999) models are wider at 2.5m with up to seven and eight berths, respectively.

Knaus Deseo
Knaus Deseo


Knaus and Weinsberg campervans and motorhomes are even more desirable and stylish for 2020, with a selection from £50,350 to £121,995 at the show.

Weinsberg CaraCompact 600
Weinsberg CaraCompact 600

There are six Knaus motorhomes ranges to admire, including the new L!VE I A-Class and special edition Platinum Selection models with upgraded specifications:

  • NEW L!VE I 700 MEG (£69,995).- new, fully-integrated A-Class with a striking design
  • Sky TI 700 MEG Platinum (£66,295) – Germany’s best-selling semi-integrated motorhome range
  • Van I 600 MG Platinum (£74,995) – a full motorhome with a compact width of only 220cm
  • Sun TI 650 MF Platinum (£74,295) – innovative double floor and under-floor heating system
  • Sun TI 700 MEG Platinum (£79,595) – for maximum comfort and sophistication all-year round
  • Sun I 900 LEG (£121,995) – full-integrated A-Class luxury liner

There are three examples of the popular Knaus CUV range to see:

  • NEW BoxLife 540 Road (£50,350), one of three new layouts for 2020
  • NEW BoxStar 600 Street XL (£59,795) high roof and two double beds
  • Volkswagen Crafter-based BoxDrive 680ME (£59,195)

Weinsberg has its first fully integrated, A-class motorhome range for 2020 – the CaraCore – with three models featuring a double bed that lowers over the cab, large washrooms, and a stylish new-look Weinsberg exterior design. The CaraCore 650MF on the stand has a rear ‘French’ bed layout, and is available from £65,195.

Another new Weinsberg model for 2020 is the CaraCompact Edition [Pepper] with a new interior and exterior design.

Other popular, semi-integrated Weinsberg motorhomes available to view include the 550MG family model from the CaraHome range with overcab bed, and the 700 MX with rear island bed from the low-profile CaraSuite range.

The Weinsberg CaraBus and CaraTour CUV (Caravanning Utility Vehicle) ranges are great all-rounders with a choice of styles and layouts (for up to 5 people). There’s a CaraBus 630 Outlaw (£51,845) and CaraTour 600MQH (£53,195) as examples of some of the most popular models.

Additional information about all these new models is available at and

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