Laika Latest Motorhomes

Laika latest motorhomes and updates are:

The M Edition low-profile model on Mercedes chassis was presented for the first time, with high-quality interior equipment and finishes and attractive exterior graphics.

Also revealed was a new option on all the Kosmo Campervans: the pop-up roof with double bed, to live the outdoor experience even more intensely.

The Kosmo motorhomes, too, with the addition of the new Kosmo 909L layout, which combines the comfort of the face to face dinette and the rear twin beds.


Laika Latest Motorhomes new M edition low profile model

On a Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI chassis and with a total length of 699 cm, the new M edition low-profile model combines the Mercedes driving experience with Laika expertise in the field of interior design and material research.

The furniture and the walls are in elegant “Italian Walnut” essence recalls the tradition of the Tuscan artisan furniture factories.

The high-quality laminate top of the kitchen and table, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant, gives a touch of class to the living area.

In the sleeping area, the twin beds with wooden slats and the high comfort mattresses allow an optimal rest, also thanks to the adjustable lights that guarantee maximum comfort even at night. 

In the M Edition low-profile model, no detail is left to chance: high-quality windows with silver polyurethane frames, blinds, and mosquito nets combine practicality and elegance.

The new external graphics give the M Edition an attractive and contemporary look, which goes well with the refined interiors.  

M Edition is also ideal for winter climates: walls, floor, and roof are insulated with extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), the roof is coated with hail-proof fibreglass as well as the sub-floor of the living area.

The large 218 x 122 x 107 cm garage is also heated and insulated, and equipped with “Easy-Lock” locks for easy opening and closing.

  • Chassis Mercedes Sprinter 311 CD
  • External length: 699 cm
  • Approved capacity: 4
  • Rear twin beds with wooden slats 187×80 cm (right) and 195×80 (left)
  • Interior walls and furniture in Italian Walnut essence
  • Kitchen top and table in high-quality material
  • High-quality windows with silver polyurethane frame, flat cover, blinds, and mosquito net
  • New exterior graphics


Laika Latest Motorhomes pop-up roof with double bed

Important features for the Kosmo Campervan: the pop-up roof with a double bed is available as an option for this range.

From the area of the roof light, above the dinette, you can access the roof through a practical removable ladder, which can be divided into two parts.

The roof is opened by a special manual mechanism located in the compartment to access the sleeping area.

The bed, sized 129 x 198 cm, allows you to enjoy a total outdoor experience, thanks to three large windows (two side and one front) with opening/closing zip and mosquito net.

The windows allow light to enter, or create darkness, as well as facilitate the passage of air and allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

An LED light, positioned in the access compartment and with an adjustable stem, allows good lighting even at night, for example, to read a book before sleeping.

When not in use, the access compartment can be covered with a special coating fixed to the roof with convenient snap buttons.

Laika Latest Motorhomes pop-up roof with double bed

The new pop-up roof makes the best use of all the spaces of the campervan possible by adding two beds without taking away space and liveability from the living area.

A valuable option for young motorhome owners who like to travel with friends and explore new solutions.

  • Manual opening mechanism in the access compartment
  • Practical modular ladder
  • Double mattress 129×198 cm
  • LED light with adjustable stem positioned in the access compartment
  • Three opening/closing windows with zip and mosquito nets
  • Coating to cover the access compartment when not in use


Laika Latest Motorhomes Kosmo 909L

The range of Kosmo motorhomes is enriched by a new layout, which combines the comfort of the rear twin beds with the liveability of the face to face dinette.

On Fiat Ducato chassis and with a length of 7.41 meters, Kosmo 909L has 4 approved seats and 4 beds (the fifth bed is optional).

The dinette with face-to-face side sofas is comfortable and spacious, thanks to the ergonomic padding with high comfort and the table that can be moved in all directions.

In the sleeping area, the two twin beds with dimensions 205 x 80 cm (right bed) and 210 x 80 cm (left bed) are large and comfortable, also thanks to the two practical USB sockets.

Besides the twin beds, Kosmo 909L is equipped with a 196 x 150 cm pull-down bed with wooden slats, skylight and two reading lights with two USB ports.

As in the other Kosmo motorhomes, the interior design expresses all Laika’s attention to detail: the table and kitchen top in “stone effect” bronze laminate perfectly match with the chocolate and cream shades of the wall units.

The designer kitchen is practical and handy with a three-burner cooktop and 140-litre fridge. 

The 213 cm internal height guarantees comfort and airiness and allows you to stow everything you need in large wall units and spacious cabinets. Indirect lighting on the wall units creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

As with all Kosmo low-profile, over-cab and motorhome versions, the entrance door to the living pod is very wide (70 cm) and the entrance area is provided with an inside step to facilitate getting in and out.

The door, an exclusive Laika design, includes a double lock, window, chrome handle with soft-touch finish, basket and screen door. 

Kosmo 909L, like all other Kosmo motorhomes, is also suited for cold climates having a high-insulation body structure, using extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and fibreglass coating on the roof, with hail protection function, and under the floor, for perfect protection from moisture.

Additionally, these vehicles are available with optional water heating, partial underfloor electric heating and grey water tank insulation and heating.

  • Exterior length 7.41 m
  • Interior height 213 cm
  • Dinette with facing sofas
  • approved capacity 4 (standard)
  • 4 beds (fifth bed optional)
  • Twin beds 205 x 80 cm (right bed) and 210 x 80 cm (left bed)
  • Pull-down bed with 196 x 150 cm wood slats
  • Bathroom window (optional)
  • Large garage with dimensions 218 x 118 (height) x 109 (width)
  • Insulated bodyshell structure
  • Possibility of front LED lights (optional)

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