NEW Hymer DuoCar S

From prototype to vehicle production: Hymer launches the Hymer DuoCar S

Hymer DuoCar S
Hymer DuoCar S

Hymer GmbH & Co. KG presented the DuoCar S prototype to the public for the very first time at Caravan Salon 2017.

The former concept car, built on the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, is now ready to go into production.

Thanks to its generously designed layout, the camper van offers ample living space for two people and is ideally suited to all manner of holidays due to its compact dimensions – from city breaks to adventure holidays.

DuoCar S Layout
DuoCar S Layout

From the very beginning, the focus has been on the needs of the target group. Motorhome enthusiasts were able to voice their requests and suggestions in an online survey, which were taken into consideration during the vehicle design process.

Camping holidays are no longer the preserve of families. This form of travelling is also becoming increasingly popular among couples and singles, who now account for a large proportion of campers.

That’s why Hymer has made it its mission to launch a camper van on the market that’s perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of this clientele.

By launching the Hymer DuoCar S, the company is introducing a camper van that consumers have played a major role in designing.

Powerful camper van with all-round glazing 

Hymer DuoCar S Internal
Hymer DuoCar S Internal

The dynamic 143 hp engine makes the new camper van a force to be reckoned with on the road.

The required level of safety is ensured by the numerous assistance systems, such as Crosswind and Active Brake Assist, as well as DISTRONIC Active Distance Assist.

The keyless start and automatic headlights also make driving a more comfortable experience.

When it comes to the exterior, the DuoCar S boasts a clear-cut design, where almost all of the distracting exterior flaps, such as those for service access, have been removed.

From outside, the all-round glazing is particularly eye-catching. This ensures that there is far more daylight in the interior, whilst the tinted panes of glass provide sufficient privacy.

As a result, the vehicle’s appearance is only vaguely reminiscent of classic camper vans.

Practical floor plan with new bathroom

Hymer DuoCar S Kitchen
Hymer DuoCar S Kitchen

Inside the vehicle, the new Hymer camper van features an innovative couch seating area, which can be converted into a comfortable double bed measuring two metres in length in just a few simple steps.

During the day, the bed linen can be quickly and easily hidden away in the sofa bed’s handy storage space.

An optional pop-top roof ensures you have an additional or alternative place to sleep.

A large kitchen with a spacious work surface, a practical larder unit, as well as a gas hob and a 70-litre compressor refrigerator is perfect for communal cooking.

Open lines of sight in the living area also create a particularly generous feeling of space. One highlight is that the practical bathroom is located at the rear of the vehicle.

The shower features an innovative shower tray that is recessed in the floor, and the toilet can be pulled out.

There is also room for a spacious wardrobe in the bathroom, which means that it can also be used as the perfect dressing room.

Increased self-sufficiency for even more adventures 

The Hymer DuoCar S is also the perfect companion for adventures off the beaten track.

This is ensured by the self-sufficiency concept featuring a diesel heater, a large 93-litre fuel tank and the optional Hymer Smart-Battery-System.

This innovative energy system combines the superb performance of lithium batteries with the low costs of conventional lead batteries.

The system stores the energy in both batteries in parallel, and the charge status is controlled in an intelligent way.

This in-creases efficiency and makes you self-sufficient for a much longer period of time – up to 9.6 days at the typical rate of use.

The Hymer DuoCar S will be available from dealers from winter 2019 onwards.

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