Swift Awards 2019

Swift Celebrates Dealer Network Success

Individuals and dealerships had their efforts recognised at Swift Group’s annual awards evening this month, with achievements across areas such as Business Development, Learning and Development and Customer Service Excellence celebrated.

Marking the end of the third year of Swift’s Approved Dealer Programme, the awards event recognises the incredible accomplishments that have been delivered by dealers during the year.

Nick Page, Swift Commercial Director, said “Swift’s Approved Dealer Programme continues to strengthen our partnership with the dealer network, continually enhancing the customer experience.

“We are proud of our Dealer Network and believe it is the best in the industry. We are keen not to rest on our laurels, and with this in mind we are continually looking at new ways to advance skillsets, with bespoke training packages supporting dealership development through the Swift Academy, while monitoring progress throughout the year.

“We have been delighted by the positive impact of the Approved Dealer Programme and it was a pleasure to recognise accomplishments with the awards evening.”

The event was opened by Managing Director James Turner, who welcomed guests from the dealer network along with key partners, suppliers and finance houses. The awards were split into several categories across customer service, business development, and learning and development, culminating with the prestigious Dealer of the Year Awards, the winners of which were:

Motorhome Dealer of the Year Swift turnover up to £1.5m:

 AEG Motorhomes

Touring Caravan Dealer of the Year Swift turnover up to £1.5m: 

Davan Caravans Ltd

Motorhome Dealer of the Year Swift turnover between £1.5m and £3.5m: 

West Country Motorhomes

Touring Caravan Dealer of the Year Swift turnover between £1.5m and £4m:

Tamar Towing & Caravans

Motorhome Dealer of the Year Swift turnover above £3.5m: 

Lowdhams Nottingham

Touring Caravan Dealer of the Year Swift turnover above £4m: 

Salop Leisure

During the evening Swift also celebrated with dealerships, suppliers and employees as they recognised the businesses which have gone above and beyond to give the best service and experience. Those recognised were:

Customer Service Recognition Award for Sales: 

George Harris at Salop Leisure

Customer Service Recognition Award for Service: 

Jackie Hague at Torksey Caravans (Sheffield Caravans)

Best Mystery Shop: 

Gary Rigby at Broad Lane Leisure

Best Mystery Shop: 

James David at Sussex Caravan Centre

Online Swift Academy Learning Award: 

Stan Laing Jnr at Glossop Caravans

Onsite Swift Academy Learning Award: 

Jason Oakley at AEG Motorhomes

Profit Max Programme Engagement Award: 

Lowdhams Caravans and Motorhomes

Supersure Rising Star Award: 

Broad Lane Leisure Group

Overall Customer Satisfaction Award: 

Homestead Caravan Centre (Homestead Caravans)

Rising Star of the Year (Touring Caravans): 

Sussex Caravan Centre West

Rising Star of the Year (Motorhomes): 

South Hereford Motorcaravan Centre Ltd

Rising Star of the Year (Combined dealers): 

Spinney Motorhomes and Caravans

Overall Training Award: 

Yorkshire Coast Caravans

Business Development Award (Touring Caravans): 

Teesside Caravans

Business Development Award (Motorhomes): 

Brownhills Motorhomes

Business Development Award (Combined dealers): 

Preston Caravans and Motorhomes

Congratulations to all the winners. For more information go to www.swiftgroup.co.uk

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