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The Caravan & Us

The Caravan & Us

We started caravanning in August 2017 really by accident! A friend & neighbour who has been caravanning for some years asked for some help in cleaning the roof of his quite large Adria.

Before starting I made a couple of coffees & we sat in the dinette of his van. I got to thinking……….. & the rest is history! Three weeks later & after researching the size of caravans we were able to tow with our new car purchased only six months before, we purchased our first caravan.

We had never been caravanning so had no idea if we would enjoy it or not, I’m pleased to say we absolutely love every aspect of it….. Even the water & toilet duties!

The point of this channel is to share our adventures along with how we caravan, what we caravan in & tow with. Hopefully some job’s we’ve done to the caravan & anything we think might be interesting to viewers.…

Hope all that view the channel enjoy what we upload.

  • Location: UK

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