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The Happy Travellers

The Happy Travellers

Are you thinking about living in a Motorhome or tiny house on wheels, touring around Europe?

Want to know what it takes to live full time in an RV living a Nomadic Lifestyle and how to earn money while travelling?

The Happy Travellers sold up everything they owned and decided to live their lives in a Motorhome with their Maltese terrier Pippin.

Steve and Wendy bought an Auto-Trail Comanche known that they named “Nikita Chloe”, and together they are The Happy Travellers and tour Europe and a bit further North into Sweden.

We live Full Time in our motorhome and are now on a minimalistic lifestyle journey. Living in a tiny house on wheels it’s a challenge to find enough space to store all the things that we’d usually have in a house.

If you’re interested in living a minimalistic life and making that downsizing journey, come along with us as we clear out all the clutter and get organised!

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