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Wandering Bird Adventures

In 2017 we bought a motorhome.

In itself, this isn’t that life-changing. Except for us, it totally was.

We’d debated buying a van/ caravan/ motorhome for years- but we’d always dismissed the idea. After all, we owned a boat- when would we ever find time to go off in a Motorhome?

But we did- and it changed the way we prefer to travel. We’ve never liked staying in one place for a long time. A week in a resort is not something we do very often- we prefer to hire a car and drive around to explore the area. This is exactly what we enjoy in our motorhome.

The freedom, the flexibility, the ability to camp near some of the most beautiful places, all whilst taking our gear with us- it’s everything we love about boat life but without the tides & storms!

In 2017 we explored Wales, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Switzerland & Leichtenstein!.  We loved it so much that when we returned I handed in my notice at work and in 2018 we’re heading off again. This time we’re heading for Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Spain & Portugal. And maybe Morocco!

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