The 2022 Dethleffs Globebus

The 2022 Dethleffs Globebus is as versatile as a van and as welcoming as a motorhome. The most compact motorhome series from Dethleffs will become even more attractive in the 2022 model year thanks to its reworked interior design, practical upgrades, and a streamlined range of models.

The Globebus is cruising into the 2022 model year with a modern interior design, practical new features, and attractive starting prices. The most compact motorhome series from Dethleffs combines the versatility and sportiness of a van with the comfort of a multifunctional motorhome. With a width of 2.20 metres and a length of six metres or more, the Globebus is just as easy and safe to drive as any van, but it also has fully-fledged motorhome features, including an L-shaped lounge, comfortable fixed beds, a bathroom, kitchen, and rear garage.

The Globebus is therefore a perfect travel companion for active motorhome enthusiasts and fans of city tours both in the A-Class and Low Profile motorhome classes in the usual Dethleffs quality. The sandwich panels, for example, boast excellent insulation properties and can protect against heat and cold, making the Globebus suitable for use in winter. If buyers wish to travel throughout the year, they can purchase the Globebus with the Winter Comfort package to make it totally winterproof.

The 2022 Dethleffs Globebus

Modern lounge with light wood and white surfaces.

In the 2022 model year, the reworked Globebus will become even more attractive for all who want more motorhomes in a compact space. When entering through the 70 cm-wide habitation door (except for the T/I 1 design), travellers will be greeted by the new, modern interior design with its friendly, fresh décor mix of light wood and white surface finishes, perfectly paired with the handle-free overhead locker doors in a white surface finish. The attractive flooring in a modern concrete look creates an additional accent to the interior. The lounge can be illuminated as desired with the harmonious light composition from the Light Moments package for a particularly atmospheric ambiance in the evening. Depending on the needs and the situation, the three light levels motorhome-owner.

Gourmet kitchen with an optimised worktop

The Globebus released in the 2022 model year features a spacious L-shaped lounge, a full-sized bathroom with a shower, and comfortable beds with 150mm high, premium cold foam mattresses, all in the same size and layout as before. By contrast, the Dethleffs designers have reworked the gourmet kitchen, which has been upgraded with larger worktops. Both the more compact hob with a two-ring stove and the foldable worktop extension on the front of the kitchen unit create extra space in the kitchen area here.

2022 Dethleffs Globebus Rear garage with an anti-slip surface

Despite its compact dimensions, the Globebus boasts plenty of storage space. In the new redesign, the rear garages which are extremely popular with campers and look extremely voluminous in the Globebus will have an anti-slip surface as standard, for even more safety while in motion. New quarter-turn latches on the rear garage doors are not just there for safety, they are also very easy to use Dethleffs quality down to the finest detail. Hailproof glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is used in the roof, side panels, and rear of the Globebus.

There are two Globebus lengths and layouts to choose from in the 2022 model year: The Globebus 1 at 5.99 metres in length with a double bed installed laterally across the rear garage or the roughly one-metre-longer Globebus 6 with single beds installed lengthways at the rear of the vehicle. The A-Class Globebus I1 and I6 feature a pull-down bed in this vehicle that can comfortably sleep 4. In the Low Profile class, the L-shaped lounge can be converted into a bed. In addition to the double bed in the rear, this vehicle can then sleep 3.

The tried-and-tested Fiat Ducato chassis in the 2022 Dethleffs Globebus

The tried-and-tested chassis of the compact Globebus remains the same, but the Fiat Ducato Light with its low-platform chassis and 120 HP (88 kW) Multijet engine which complies with Euro 6d emissions standards guarantees a relaxed, safe, and comfortable journey. The Globebus is also available with a 140 HP (103 kW), 160 HP (118 kW), or 180 HP (132 kW) drive or 9-speed automatic transmission as an optional extra. The extensive range of features can be complemented with numerous extras and packages, such as the White GT package or the Grey GT package for added visual enhancements or the Fiat Driver Assistance package and Fiat Advanced Driver Assistance package with Lane Keep Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking and other advanced driver assistance systems. The Globebus is an attractive compact motorhome both for novice motorhome owners and experienced campers for whom a van does not offer enough comfort.

2022 Dethleffs Globebus T1
2022 Dethleffs Globebus T6

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The 2022 Dethleffs Globebus
2022 Dethleffs Globebus I1
The 2022 Dethleffs Globebus
2022 Dethleffs Globebus I6

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