Thetford Eucalyptus Concentrate Blue
Thetford Eucalyptus Concentrate Blue

Thetford has a close connection to the touring market by continuously interacting with end-users and professional partners.

Norbert van Noesel,  Marketing Manager at Thetford:

“This interaction and market feedback is driving our product development. Most of our customers are very loyal to our brand, using our products already for years. It was them pointing out to us that extension of our fragrance line would be very much appreciated. We followed up, first some years ago by introducing the Lavender fragrance,  and now a with a brand new Eucalyptus fragrance.”

More choice

The new Aqua Kem® Blue Concentrated Eucalyptus is another member of Thetford’s concentrated family, having 13 dosages of the concentrated liquid  in the typical small bottle.

Van Noesel says:

“This new product carries a Eucalyptus fragrance with a touch of mint, simply named Eucalyptus. Functionality wise, it offers exactly the same as Aqua Kem™ Blue Concentrated and Aqua Kem®Blue Concentrated Lavender: outstanding odour control, reduction of gas build-up, and liquidation of the waste for easier tank emptying. It just offers more choice for our customers.”

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