The new standard

Thetford determined some important shifts in the RV market, like a growing focus on carefree travelling, electrification, and homelike comfort in recreational vehicles.

The new T2000 series 12V refrigerators are fully matching this shift and therefore might well become the new standard.

Compared to the gas absorption range, they offer better performance, a more lightweight cooling unit, and more usable volume.

With 5 new models this series offers an alternative for the most common gas absorption refrigerators plus 2 special campervan models.

With a regulated frozen food compartment, automatic temperature control, a user-friendly touch screen, and the power of 12V, the T2000 series is the perfect match for every motorhome, caravan, or campervan.

Adjust to circumstances

Flexibility is key in the RV market. So, imagine the possibility to choose between 3 temperature settings for your frozen food compartment, that can perfectly suit your needs. 

You even have the possibility to shut off the frozen food compartment and save energy consumption by up to 45%! In addition to that, you get more storage space for items that need to be preserved well but don’t need cooling.

This is what the frozen food compartment of the T2000 series can offer, efficient use of energy and space. With the Automatic Temperature Control, a T2000 series refrigerator is measuring temperature at three different spots (ambient, fresh food and freezer) for optimal control of cooling power and performance, but also to be as energy efficient, calm & quiet as possible.

All models offer strong and stable cooling in cold (10⁰C), and tropical (43⁰C) ambient temperatures.

Modern design

Not only the 12V performance of the T2000 series is fit for the future, also the look and feel of the series is modern.

The interior shows a fresh ice grey design. Making a simple slide or touch with your finger you manage the capacitive touch screen.

The new door handle design, the convenient frozen food drawer at the bottom (for large models only), and the fresh food compartment at eye level, all contribute to a homelike feeling. Not to mention the unique and appreciated slide-out box for breakfast supplies

Campervan family

The T1090 has been updated to the T2090, with a capacitive touch screen, a new door handle and fresh ice grey interior. This refrigerator is specially designed to perfectly fit the PSA chassis.

Due to the increased demand for bigger refrigerators in the campervan market, Thetford extended its portfolio by including the new T2138 in the new T2000 series.

This model is an extended version of the T2090, and has a wider climate class (10 – 43⁰ C). with a gross volume of 138 liters.

Freedom of choice

The T1152 has been updated as well, to the T2152, bringing it in line with the new models in the T2000 series. This model is part of the slim fit, 418 mm width family, and has the same build-in dimensions as the N4141/N4142 absorption refrigerators.

The new T2160 and T2175 are part of the family of 525 mm width models. These models are interchangeable with the corresponding absorption refrigerators, fitting the same envelop.

Fit for the future

All T2000 models are CI-BUS ready. This means that the manufacturer can choose to connect the refrigerator to the central display of the vehicle with the CI-BUS connector cable.

Once connected, you can control relevant options like ‘mode on/off’, ‘energy source’, ‘temperature setting’ and ‘error codes’.

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