Things you need while driving in Europe

Here is a list of items that you either need or might find helpful while driving in Europe. They may also come in handy while driving in this country as well.

First Aid Kit

You need to make sure that the First Aid Kit complies with EU regulations. The kit number for these are DIN13164

Warning Triangle

Warning Triangles can be placed on the road to alert other drivers if you have a breakdown or emergency. They’re a legal requirement in most EU nations, although the number required differs from country to country. When driving in Spain, the law states motorists should use two warning triangles.

Reflective Vest

Motoring Law in France and many other European Countries now requires all vehicles to carry a Reflective Vest. It is strongly recommended to carry vests for all vehicle occupants, as is the law in Spain. 

Headlamp Beam Deflectors

It is a legal requirement not to dazzle oncoming drivers. Make sure you adjust your headlamps ready for driving on the right-hand side of the road. Headlamp converters (stickers you put on your headlights)

Fire Extinguisher

The ‘European Good Samaritan Law’ requires every driver to stop and provide assistance in the event of an accident, so it is strongly advisable to carry a fire extinguisher.

Spare Bulbs

European law deems that it is an offence to drive a motor vehicle on the Continent at any time if a headlight, side light or other lamp is not in good working order, and the driver is not in a position to replace any such blown running light on demand by a Police Officer.

GB Stickers

Don’t forget that your vehicle must display the appropriate country identification letters (e.g. GB). Failure to do so may result in an on-the-spot fine, but if your number plates include the GB Euro symbol, you do not need a sticker within the EU.

Caravan Speed Sticker

French law stipulates that 80 and 90 stickers must be displayed by vehicles towing a caravan or trailer.

Whilst, by the letter of the law, this only applies to ‘resident’ vehicles, UK drivers should be aware that ‘local’ Police are not always aware of this and we therefore strongly recommend that UK drivers fit the Speed Stickers as well. This will avoid any risk of being fined, or trying to ‘argue the point’ if stopped by the Gendarmes!

The 80 sticker must be applied to the back of the caravan / trailer in the bottom left hand corner, with the 90 sticker either placed above or to its right.


Always handy to carry a torch. You know if something goes wrong it will be at night at this will then help.


French Government confirms: From March 2013, all vehicles travelling in France MUST, by law, be carrying NF Approved breathalysers.

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