Torque Wrench

One of the important pre-tow checks to be done before you set off on your holiday is making sure that the wheel nuts are set at the correct torque using a Torque Wrench.

Due to the condition of this country’s roads, a wheel nut can quite possibly loosen itself on a journey through the vibration from the road.

Once in the habit of doing this check, it will only take a couple of minutes but will give you piece of mind that your wheel will not roll past you on the motorway causing you a hefty bill or worse still causing an accident to your vehicle and even someone else’s.

We have filmed a short video on how to tighten your caravan wheel nuts with a torque wrench.

You can watch it below


Your wheel nuts torque figure should be found in your handbook or on the weight plate located by the door of your caravan.

Caravan Weight Plate

It will be given in Newton Meters (Nm) and may possibly be called (Wheel Bolt Torque).

Once you have the correct figure for your caravan you can now set your torque wrench to the correct setting.

Torque Wrench Settings

If the wheel nuts haven’t been removed and you are just checking the torque, it is best practice first to loosen the nut. This will ensure that the wheel nut has not been over-torqued.

When you start to torque up your caravan wheel bolts you need to work in a star formation.

If you just go around the wheel in a circle (clockwise or counter), the wheel can actually flex in a way that leaves the first bolt you tightened a little loose.

torque wrench Star Formation

Things can shift underneath even the tightest wheel nut.

Tightening them in a star formation reduces the likelihood of things shifting and flexing,

which means that your wheel nuts will stay tight after you torque them.

Once you have heard one click from the wrench then that particular wheel nut has been tightened to the correct torque.

If you carry on past the first click then you are tightening the wheel nut too much.

This will give you incorrect torque and could even snap the bolt rendering it unsafe.


After all the wheel nuts have been tightened it is essential that the torque wrench is set back to zero.

This relieves the pressure on the internal workings of the wrench, as being put under pressure for a long period of time could result in the wrong setting being given.

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