October is National Tyre Safety Month

October is National Tyre Safety Month. Caravan tyres should be replaced every five years and the Club is currently replacing the tyres on all its training caravans. Here are the Club’s top tips on tyre management and changing:

Caravans do a fairly low annual mileage, on average around 2,000 miles a year, so it would take many years of use to wear out the tread. However, two or three factors can make them deteriorate in a different way, even with careful use.

  • All tyres age and deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight and atmosphere, even if not used
  • Caravan tyres can suffer fatigue due to the repetitive small impacts they suffer in everyday use.
  • Being stored for long periods of the year without use can put undue strain on one particular part of the tyre.

It should go without saying that tyres which are damaged or worn to the legal minimum tread depth must be replaced immediately. Caravan tyres need regular replacement, irrespective of their visual appearance. All tyres should ideally be replaced after five years and should never be used when more than seven years old. Tyres that need a high inflation pressure (50psi or more), should be checked regularly for signs of deterioration from three years old and should not be used when they reach five years. Remember – the tyres age starts from when it was made, not from when it was fitted.

To find out more, visit: https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/advice-and-training/taking-care-of-your-outfit/caravan-tyres-and-wheels/

Tyre offers

The Club is currently offering a number of special member tyre offers including free safety checks with National Tyres and Autocare, savings of up to £40 with Tyrepal and 50% off WiCaps, which cleverly replace the valve caps on tyres and continuously send information to the driver’s smartphone.

To find out more about all the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s member offers, visit www.camc.com/memberoffers

For more information on the Caravan and Motorhome Club, please visit www.camc.com

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