Vango AirHub Hexaway II Motorhome Awning

We were sent the Vango AirHub Hexaway II Motorhome Awning to review. Here is how we found it.

First off the awning weighs in at 20.55 Kgs. Which isn’t that heavy when you consider the size of the awning. The awning comes complete with pre attached guy ropes for added security, over vehicle straps to attach the awning to the motorhome, steel rock pegs (which really work well in the hardest of pitches), a rubber mallet and a double action pump and pressure gauge (which allows you to inflate to the correct pressure.)

The awning is of good size and has great head room. We liked the way we could all fit in and entertain as it is of hexagonal shape. There are two large doors and three flyscreened windows, you can also gain access to the awning via the tunnel (the area between the awning and the vehicle). It comes with a ground sheet which is attached but can be unclipped if need be. There are also sky windows in the roof which lets in lots of light.

The awning is single point inflation style meaning you only need to pump up from one valve, there are however several points at which to inflate giving it great versatility. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to inflate by hand but can also be inflated by an electric pump.

The airbeams were strong and sturdy. They held up well in the winds and rain that we had when using the awning. Along the main beams Vango have fitted their ‘SkyTrack’ system letting you attach lighting and storage units easily.

The awning can be attached to the motorhome several different ways, which means there will always be an available option for you.

Check out our video for further information on this product.

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