HeatAir from Whale – The Heat Is On!

HeatAir Room Heater
HeatAir Room Heater

Whale has unveiled HeatAir, their highly anticipated lightweight, powerful, space creating gas and electric heating solution at last month’s Motorhome and Caravan Show. 

Suitable for caravans, motorhomes and campervans alike, this latest innovation from Whale commences the next chapter of their heating systems story. 

Available in 2 power options, 5 GE and 6 GE, Heat Air is the versatile heating solution capable of running on gas and electric for maximum output, electric only when on site, or gas only when wild camping. 

Users can also benefit from money saving whilst on site by using the efficient 3kW electric setting – Whale’s highest electric option to date. 

Providing maximum comfort both day and night with fast heat up and quiet night-time settings on both gas and electric, HeatAir is designed to help adventurers enjoy their freedom anywhere with the luxury of a cosy van all year round. 

Whale Test Vehicle
Tested to altitudes of 2750m, 
HeatAir performs solidly in cold weather climates*

At only 8.7kg and with its compact and lightweight design, HeatAir is over 20% (2.3 kgs) lighter than Whale’s current room heater offering.  

As with all Whale heating products, HeatAir is designed to be installed underneath the floor of your vehicle, opening valuable internal living and storage space. 

The underfloor installation not only saves space but also gives manufacturers the freedom to think outside the box. 

This means consumers can benefit from increased bunk space, full-length wardrobes, and longer beds to name a few benefits. The underfloor installation and customisable ducting layouts ensure even and well-maintained heat distribution throughout each van. 

Typical Caravan Underfloor Installation of HeatAir
Typical Caravan Underfloor Installation of HeatAir

HeatAir works with the easy to use Whale iVan and Duo Control Panels, both panels offer uncomplicated no-fuss control which is always a priority for Whale. 

Room and water heating are both controlled by the one panel which consists of a wide range of settings including super-efficient low current draw, high speed heat up and frost protection. 

Additionally, the intuitive Whale iVan Control Panel has the option to set timers for room and water heating, so you have a warm van after coming in from a day out or hot water for a shower first thing in the morning. 

Whale Duo Control Panel
Whale Duo Control Panel

RV Commercial Director Mark Walmsley said,

“We are thrilled to be launching such a ground-breaking new product as HeatAir at this year’s Motorhome and Caravan Show.

HeatAir is a compact, space-saving heating solution with versatile installation options that allows vehicle designers to essentially work from a blank canvas and come up with innovative layouts to meet their customers’ specific needs. 

For users, HeatAir comes with a user-friendly control panel and has been proven as an all-weather heater, helping you enjoy the great outdoors in all seasons. More for the manufacturer, and even more for the user. 

Visit the Whale website at www.whalepumps.com for more information.”

* Output of heater may be limited at higher altitude depending on ambient and operating conditions.

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