Who are we

So a bit about us – firstly myself I’m Iain or some of you may know me as transit driver on twitter. I’m 36 and originally from Hertfordshire, but now reside in Bedfordshire when I moved in with my now wife Zoe some 15 years ago. I spend most of my day driving around in me transit van, a delivery driver for a pharmaceutical company so I guess you could call me a drug runner. When I do get time off I love nothing more than getting away in our family caravan, where I can relax and enjoy the countryside with the aforementioned very fluffy doodle Delilah, more about her later.


So enough about me I will now pass the baton over to my wife Zoe.


Hi all well what to tell you about me, I have been married to Iain for 13 Years I’m not going to tell you my age as that is not what you ask a lady, having said that I’m no lady so add six years to Iain’s age and voila you have my age. Any who I work as a lollypop lady and dinner lady at our local school, which I enjoy very much it also gives me time with my two daughters Grace and Lulu. I like Iain enjoy getting away in our Caravan as often as possible it’s a place I find I completely unwind and become one with nature in a kinda way again. Life is not regimented when we are away we do what we want when we want. But what I most enjoy is sitting outside my van with a good cup of coffee and watching the world go by.



I have waffled on enough so now to pass to Gracie.



Hello I’m Grace and I am twelve, I like clothes, makeup, my iphone and sleep, I don’t like school or getting up in the morning. Oh, and I love unicorns and pugs. I have my own blog What Blog which I enjoy writing it’s about all things I find interesting including our holidays in Bertie. Why do I like going away in the caravan. I don’t know really, I think I enjoy all of it I like going for walks with my family and our dog Dede, I like helping with the jobs around the van and helping cook. I like the closeness it brings with the family having to get along as you are all living in a small space.



I can’t think of any more at the moment so I will pass you over to my little sis.


Hi I’m Lulu and I love my mum and dads caravan but what I really like, in fact love is VW camper vans the older the better. I am aged 9 and am in year 5 at school, I really enjoy making video’s and with Dad’s help I am getting better at it and hope soon to be vlogging videos of my own. At home I enjoy playing on the computer mostly I love to play sims 4 and Minecraft. I also love to skateboard and do tricks on my scooter, which I take with me when I go away in Bertie. I always get very excited when we are going away in Bertie, we have the best time when away although I don’t always get on well with my older sister. As soon as we get to the caravan site I like to know where the park is and I go and make friends, I think it is good to make friends when you’re on holiday its helps to make it an even better time.




Last on the list is the beastie dog known as Delilah, as four-year-old labradoodle who thinks she is human, she completes our family. As mentioned before she is very fluffy, loves long walks, hot dogs and cuddling up to mum on the sofa of an evening. Her role in the caravan is to bark at passers-by, keep us warm at night and make us laugh.




So, that’s a bit about us individually I hope that its sheds some light on what we are like and that you come along with us on our journey and have as much fun reading our blogs and we have creating them.